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Unfortunately, one of the serious problems that the agricultural sector is witnessing today is the arbitrary and inappropriate use of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, which not only does not improve the yield and quality of crops, but also causes irreparable damage to soil and human health and causes distrust. Farmers and consumers go to factories and companies importing fertilizers “pesticides and agricultural inputs. If in the consumption of these products enough care about the quality” the amount of consumption and. . . If done, it will probably have very positive effects

On the other hand, in recent years, due to the growing trend of consumption of these products in the agricultural sector and the demand for quality imports and high exchange rates. . . “Poor and low quality imported inputs have been made available to dear farmers from various sources and, as mentioned before, have caused numerous damages to the agricultural sector.

In this regard, Nik Sepehr Company, in order to serve dear farmers, has imported various quality fertilizers from the German Ziegler company with the Plantop and PNP brands. All fertilizers provided by this company have the necessary licenses from the Water and Soil Organization and are ready to be delivered to our dear colleagues and farmers.

Nik Sepehr Company is ready to supply the mentioned products to farmers and agricultural activists all over our dear country by working in the field of import and distribution of agricultural inputs and by using the best specialists. This company was established with the aim of developing and advancing sustainable agriculture and serving the agricultural community, and in addition to providing the products needed by farmers, is ready to consult in this field.

CEO’s speech

One of the basic principles of sustainable production is to improve soil quality in terms of fertility and return nutrients absorbed by plants to the soil, which is unfortunately ignored in our country’s fertilizer program, because nutrients absorbed from the soil include all micronutrients and trace elements. Be. However, currently more than 95% of the fertilizers used in the country are only nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. This is practically an alarm for the production of healthy agricultural products and ultimately a threat to the country’s food security. Nik Sepehr Company has started its activities with the goals of agricultural development, increasing yield, improving product quality, increasing soil fertility and stability, preserving water resources and finally increasing farmer income and community health, and now we are proud of quality products from Ziegler brands. And offer German PNP in powder and liquid forms to Iran’s large agricultural market.