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The same ratio fertilizers

Balanced compounds of elements N, P, K along with micronutrients for all stages of growth in different plants

Fertilizers enriched with MgO

Guarantee the production of chlorophyll by providing magnesium in various fertilizer formulas

Fertilizers with significant phosphorus content

Suitable compounds for establishing plants in the early stages of growth as well as suitable formulas during fruiting

Fertilizers with significant potassium content

Fertilizer formulas suitable for different plants during the fruiting season to increase product quality


Ensure germination and rooting of seeds in addition to increasing organic matter in the soil

Liquid fertilizers

Special compounds for managing plant nutrition and rapid supply of nutritional needs at different growth stages

Fertilizers containing calcium

Improve growth and fertility by providing calcium, the cell wall builder in plants

Water conditioner

Improving soil conditions guarantees the development and establishment of plant roots and nutrient uptake

Chelated fertilizers

Ensure the absorption of elements in any conditions of soil and water due to the quality of the formulation of chelated products

Our team of agronomists give technical support and advice to farmers


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Nik Sepehr Collection strives to always offer quality goods, appropriate to the needs of the farmer, efficient and at the right time of consumption. We are proud of the fact that some products provide the full satisfaction of our customers

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